Thursday, October 30, 2014

amazing music video shot in Japan - with a drone! and umbrellas!

It's good to be back, posting for the first time in months... So here's what prompted me to return, two years, three months and exactly 18 days after leaving Tokyo for New York and share something with ya'll.

OK Go's new music video!

Spoon & Tamago sums it up nicely: 2,400 dancers with umbrellas, a drone and an incredible 5-minute single sequence shot. The band teamed up with Honda—who provided the motorized scooter-chairs—and Japanese creative director Morihiro Harano to make this marvel happen. Watch it on YouTube here. The song "I Won't Let You Down" is from album Hungry Ghosts, out now in North America on iTunes.

Remember back when OK Go did their treadmill video? Get your flashback here.

Ok so I'm just now reading Billboard's coverage of this, which mentions that the members of the band, while cooking up their latest "eye-popping, retro-futuristic" video, visited "Tokyo's Robot Restaurant, a 12-floor underground theater with robots roller-skating to heavy metal music." HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE? Now I really have to go back.