Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Holiday Road..."

We're here! In 3 days we've hopped from taxi to train to Narita airport to Dallas-Fort Worth to Washington Dulles to Papa Jack's house (swimming! barbecued ribs! Tyson's corner, Wall-E!) to Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jim's (homemade blueberry pie! sparklers! home movies from 1989) to Greg and Marga's (new house! new baby!). Today we head to the Jersey shore.

But the sun is not up yet. So why am I writing this? Well, Dylan has been up since 4:20 am (he passed out at 5pm yesterday and we couldn't slap him awake; now he's watching "Herbie Fully Loaded" on my computer). It is not my turn in Risk (Come on, Eileen...bring it!). And I have been meaning to take care of certain unfinished business -- that is, declaring a winner in the Caption Contest. And so, after careful consideration, the glory goes to...

Mary Ellen!


"Sorry Dad. I refuse to give you either of my hairs!"

Now tell her what she's won!


Thanks for playing our game.

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