Wednesday, February 11, 2009


some pics (I posted a bunch on Flickr too)...

On Friday we went skiing at Bankei, about a half hour outside Sapporo. That night we went to Odori Park to see the ice sculptures, and caught this stage show. It's freezing and the keyboard player (far right) isn't wearing any pants! (Click on the image to make it bigger and you'll see what I'm talking about)

Not all the sculptures were perfectly carved.
I sorta liked the lumpy ones.

Yakitori! yum, yum

the snow was perfect for packing snowballs

view of Sapporo TV Tower (dolphin sculpture ahead!)

On Saturday we went to Otaru, to see the "snow gleaming" festival. Then on Sunday we went to the Tsudome site, where there were ice slides and mini-golf-on-ice and more sculptures. It was snowing hard that afternoon, but before we left town we had to make one last trip to the park to see the sculptures we missed the first time around.

taiko drummers on the Disney ice stage

We saw a park official sweep snow off the Doraemon sculpture. Did he forget about Totoro?

Time to go!

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