Friday, April 24, 2009

pink lace frightens child

Walking up Meiji-dori into Harajuku after school today, the boys and I spotted a young Japanese girl with two braids of hair dyed purple and pink, wearing a red beret, wingtip style brown and white Doc Martins, orange patterned tights and a nose ring. (It's not polite to point, boys. Why?'s just not.)

Somewhere between TopShop and H&M, Conor sighs and says, "You know, Mommy, when I see people dressed like that, I think they look scary. But not scary scary. Disturbing scary."

We pass two Harajuku girls. They are full-on pink lace and frilly, flouncy skirts, bows on cascading blonde curls. "Like those two," Conor says. "Now that is scary."

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Japandra said...

That child said what we're all thinking.