Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Baseball games are a blast here. Fans are rowdy (by Japanese standards -- which is to say, they cheer loudly but in an orderly fashion) and love to use props, like toy umbrellas, whistles, towels, banners and plastic bats to beat together.

We took Terry's brother's family to a Sunday afternoon Yakult Swallows game at Jingu stadium -- a clean, bright and cheery place, and small compared to major league fields back home.

Beer is served from kegs in backpacks. There's the Yebisu girl, in the maroon socks. Also in the photo above, to the right, is a guy holding a foul-ball warning sign. (Awesome photo, not mine.)

My brother-in-law managed to film the jumbo screen just as one of the field cameras zoomed in on our section (caught off guard, we waved to ourselves, rather than the camera). Above is a still he pulled from the footage. (Cool, right?)

Our group, minus the photographer. (You can see more of Patrick's brilliant photos by clicking here.)

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