Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIY cotton candy, 200 yen a cloud

The boys get their sugar fix at Showa Kinen Park last Sunday (big bro just can't leave little bro alone...)

Showa Kinen is our favorite destination playground -- we take the JR Chuo Ome line from Shinjuku to Nishi Tachikawa and spend the whole day. We rent bicycles, follow the path all the way around and don't stop til we reach the Bouncing Dome. From there it's on to the Dragon Dunes and then Rainbow Hammock when it's time for a snack. Last Sunday the grownups were desperate for hot tea and coffee, it was so cold. Here's Ali at the crepe cart.

Rainbow Hammock looked like it had been spruced up since the last time we were there. And check out the cherry!
This weekend should be great for cherry blossoms. Only a few had popped when we were there. Lots more on the verge.

More of the gang from last Sunday

Dylan's helmet, borrowed from the cycle center, looks like a hardhat.

Two dogs along for the ride

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