Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pee Free

The boys are in all-day camp this week and next -- which is great, except for the fact that it brings me to Roppongi every morning and afternoon for drop off and pickup. Roppongi, except for the odd bright spots (Midtown, you get a pass, and Cavern Club, I still love ya), has got to be the most inconvenient, unpleasant, least pedestrian friendly part of town. But I was pleasantly surprised this morning to walk through an underground passageway -- the only way to get from one side of Roppongi to the other, at least where I was -- and NOT encounter a rank smell. It was positively odorless. The kind of tunnel that's supposed to be, almost by definition, urine-soaked and foul. Either nobody pees in public in Tokyo or city workers really scrub things down on a regular basis. Either way, I was impressed.

I still hate Roppongi though.

Except the movie theater at Roppongi Hills, of course.

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