Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye New York...

Hellooooo Tokyo!

The boys and I are back home in Hiroo. Haven't left the apartment yet- boys are catching up on their "home learning" (big piles of assignments we put aside while they were attending school in the States) while I putter around and enjoy being in my own home, in my own kitchen, where I can make any old mess I want and leave it sitting there until I decide to clean it up. Or not. No disapproving neatniks in sight.

The best part is, I am finally after 27 days, sleeping in my own bed! With my husband!

It's a beautiful spring day, clear skies and sunny, so we'll be meeting Terry for lunch near Shibuya station, maybe ramen in Dogenzaka...then I will take the boys to the park near the supermarket.

We definitely need some hanami, and stat. Terry says it had been assumed that the usual partying under the trees would not take place this year, out of deference to the tsunami evacuees and devastated areas in the northeast, and in keeping with the city's post 3/11 somber vibe, but on Sunday the revelers were out in force. "Yoyogi was packed today," my neighbor Nancy told me via FB. "It felt like Tokyo had its heartbeat back finally, lots of people laughing and having a good time and in the shops buying. Let's hope it continues."
Terry in Yoyogi Park, Sunday, April 10, 2011

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