Monday, September 19, 2011

don't lean on me

Here's the latest from the current cute and cuddly Metro campaign. The series is no match for the cartoons of past years, IMHO, but I'll concede that these birds -- bearing the somewhat longwinded message, 'Please be careful not to lean against the person sitting next to you should you fall asleep' -- are pretty good. It's funny, because it really happens. Real life example:

from the archives: Terry and Conor on the JR Yamanote line, January 27, 2008

Several years' worth of instruction on mass transit etiquette, including signs featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog (see 2006), teddy bears and characters from Sesame Street (example below; 2005) can be viewed online. Here's Bert and Ernie, with Metro Manners Lesson 5:
'Hold your backpack in front of you.'

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