Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

A belated Akemashite omedetou to all. It's tatsu doshi!

The 12-year cycle of zodiac animals, junishi in Japanese, is, like many aspects of Japanese culture, a concept copied/stolen/borrowed/adopted from China more than a thousand years ago, and then altered/improved/bastardized.  My son Conor was born in a Year of the Dragon - the last one, 2000 - so it's his year. Dragons, it is said, are strong and powerful and wise, nonthreatening but also not shy, who like to talk and get things done. They can be hotheaded yet compassionate. (It does seem to fit...)

Our other son was born in the Year of the Horse - which means he's independent and a hard worker, friendly but sometimes selfish; energetic, with a mind of his own. He likes nothing more than to run free about the countryside, because, well, he's a horse. (Not bad.) Terry and I are Roosters, which means we're shrewd dreamers. If you believe this stuff...

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