Sunday, February 5, 2012

I feel sorry for Jou-Jou

What's going on with this ramshackle house? Is a hoarder living there? Poor 'Jou-Jou Bar & Foods', such a great little hangout, right next door to an eyesore and fire hazard, though it seems to vanish after dark (at least I've never seem any lights on).

Jou-Jou is located at 5-1-32 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, just off Meiji-dori on the north side past the Eneos gas station. If you're heading east toward Tengenji-bashi, it's where you turn left for the Hiroo shopping street (Homework's, Smash Hits, etc.). The bartender is good with the cocktails - hand sculpts the ice to order with a pick and everything. Nice food too. Tiny place though.

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Nancy said...

I've seen an old person tending the plants I think - have you seen how narrow it is though? About the width of a broomstick. We're always too drunk to stop in JouJou!!