Monday, April 23, 2012

how the pros do it

Mizuho and I watched Ayumi Morita of Japan defeat Tamaryn Hendler from Belgium 7-5, 6-2 in Round 3 of the FedCup, held Sunday at Ariake Coliseum. We took the Rinkai line to Kokusai-tenjijo station, which basically drops you right there, near the tennis park.

I loved how, each time Morita would win a point, the crowd would "clap" by banging pink plastic inflatable thunder sticks together (when the men play, the sticks are green). 

It was later reported that Morita's win assured Japan's return to the World Group for the first time since 2007. "I'm very relieved that I won," Morita was quoted saying in one news report. "This is one of the best victories in my career."
See how happy we are for her?

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