Sunday, May 3, 2009

lazy blogger (me) links elsewhere to entertain and inform you

How to properly wash your hands and other instructions on how to prevent the spread of swine flu, courtesy of Japandra, who actually writes about current events in her blog, like the unfortunate incident of one of Japan's biggest pop stars getting all drunk and naked and arrested in Roppongi last month; as you might imagine, indecent exposure is no laughing matter here.

But back to swine flu. The British School is taking the situation seriously, asking parents to take children's temperatures every morning and banning visitors from the building this week. I drop the kids off at the front door now as they are fine walking upstairs to their classrooms and sorting themselves out on their own anyway so it doesn't really change things for me, but I feel bad for those with 3-year-old kids in nursery (pre-pre-K) who still rely on mom or dad to bring them to the classroom. They'll be fine of course as they will have grownup escorts but I still remember the delicate separation rituals when the boys were smaller.

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