Thursday, May 28, 2009

well, my birthday is coming up...

I so want to buy one of Di Conroy's quilts! These photos don't do them justice. She uses a combination of antique, vintage and new fabrics, which she buys in bolts in Nippori (Tokyo's fabric district) or Yuzawaya (a big craft store in Kichijoji I hope to visit soon) or in the form of previously owned yukata and kimono. (Di hosts a monthly craft morning, where I go and drink coffee and eat cake and do a little mending while the others quilt and crochet and knit...).

This blue-and-white one's got my name all over it..

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Little Ethiopia(n) said...

These are GORGEOUS! I was coveting from the very first photo. Just in case no one catches your hint (Terry does read your blog right)...we bought a piece of fabric from every country we visited on our big trip with the plan to "one day" have it made into a quilt. Just an idea...but I'm hoping you get one of these. LOVE the colors.