Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Happy Habit indeed

We gave Conor a box of lollipops from See's shop in Harajuku for his birthday last week, right before taking him to dinner at Barbacoa, where you can feed your face with all cuts of meat.

Not sure if this is the pork loin, or the leg of lamb, or the roast beef... but it all came 'round eventually, along with garlic steak, pepper steak, roast chicken and sausages. Did I mention the ribs?

Dylan tried -- but did not care for -- the quail eggs from the salad bar.

'No, no I couldn't possibly have any more...well, alright, maybe just one more hunk.'

Our firstborn carnivore topped off his megameal with this special birthday dessert plate. (Though he was mortified when three waitresses came over to sing Happy Birthday.)

Barbacoa Grill, just off Omotesando (north side) on the Harajuku 2-chome shopping street, offers an all-you-can-eat churrasco menu for half price on weekdays, if you arrive at 5:30pm (last order 7 pm). A great deal.

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