Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It really does have everything

Spotted during a recent trip to Tokyu Hands, next to Takashimaya in Shinjuku...

This high tech umbrella won't turn inside out, even in a typhoon. The TV next to Spidey is showing footage of a man struggling to stay upright while holding the thing in a wind tunnel/test lab.

Rocking horse made of recycled cardboard, only 16,000 yen. (I really wanted one of those chairs.)

Training chopsticks for the kiddies (Carolyn, didn't you ask me about these, like, a year ago??)

this orange towel will put out your next kitchen fire

I keep seeing Mike Myers, in this kind of harness, wearing a helmet and dragging a whole jungle gym down the road after eating chocolate... Philip, the hyper hypo! sorry, old SNL reference.

padded tape, to baby proof those hard household edges

trying to blend in

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