Tuesday, June 22, 2010

eye exam

Conor had some very pink, puffy eyes this morning so I took him to an eye doctor, a Dr. Sumiya in Ebisu-minami. She spoke a little bit of English and with my meager Japanese we muddled through. She was great. She had a live video feed going so I could see a closeup of Conor's eyeballs, inflamed capillaries and all, on the TV screen next to his head. After a brief examination she declared the problem "allergic conjunctivitis" (not viral, not bacterial, and not contagious) and took a mini sport bottle and squirted some fluid into his eyes to flush them out, then added some drops and sent us on our way with a prescription for the same drops, which we had filled at a pharmacy around the corner.

Here's the prescription.

Multiple choice question: The doctor's personal style, whatever was visible under her white lab coat anyway, seemed on the conservative side -- white and navy striped sweater, creased navy trousers, pearl earrings, reading glasses on a gold chain -- but I couldn't help but notice that she was also sporting something that didn't quite fit the profile. Was it:

a) a toe ring
b) a butterfly tattoo on her ankle
c) fishnet stockings
d) motorcycle boots


Emma said...

Hm. I say c, because wouldn't she be wearing socks?

Maryanne said...

You are correct. Though in theory I would have been able to spot a tattoo or toe ring as she was
wearing strappy sandals. Which is why the fishnets caught my eye!

Thank you for playing our game :)