Thursday, September 9, 2010

no siree, we're not in Brooklyn anymore

Reading this, I had to grin, as I've had many similar experiences around town. Japandra, how I love your stories. You remind me that I'm not alone!


Anonymous said...

Hello Maryanne
I have been reading your blog over the past few weeks and enjoying your experience of tokyo and all the weird and wonderful things to see and do. I will be moving to tokyo with my husband and 2 young children in Feb 2011 and wonder if you would ba happy to pass on some valuable advice.Your blog has inspired, excited and terrified me re my move there! I will be visiting tokyo in Nov to view apartments etc and would love to buy you a coffee (perhapes by the wonderful latte art champion!)in return for your thoughts on moving there with kids. If you would have time to do so pls let me know on Many thanks Maryanne. Kind regards Elaine macKenzie

Sandra said...

You are too kind! Thanks! Glad for the commiseration. I always think I'm going to run into you somewhere one of these days!

harry takeuchi said...


I came across your blog after reading my sisters blog about "Slob Oxidized Sohpistication" ( and ran a search on Google wondering if anyone actually knew what that place was all about.

Our family moved to Queens when I was 9 years old and stayed ther for 4 years so I can kind of relate to what your kids are going through. My move was back in 1973 so there was no Japanese schools and I was thrown into PS174Q from day one wihtout any knowlege of English so my life could have been a bit tougher then, but I think its the same that life can be really stressful and exciting at the same time for the kids growing up in a foreign environment. Same way for grownups but kids are more sensitive and influenced by their environment.

Oh and I know what you mean about the bagels. And I've never seen hotdog done right in Japan either.