Friday, November 5, 2010


Batman and Percy Jackson

It's easy to trick-or-treat in Hiroo, where we live. You just look for the houses that have some Halloween decorations hanging over the door (like these bloody knives) and an outside light on.
The homes with Halloween spirit are few and far between, to be sure, but there were enough to keep the kids happy before we headed to a neighbor's house for a real Halloween-ey party.

First stop: the house next door

For Percy Jackson it was really all about the props anyway.

Batman with a full bag

Instructions for most brilliant party game:

Have all kids sit in a circle, legs crossed.
Hand out many balls of yarn.
Tell the kids with the yarn to take hold of one end and let the ball unravel around their own waists.
Once they have belted themselves with yarn, have them toss the balls back and forth to each other across the circle, cross-crossing and wrapping themselves up tighter and tighter, and creating a giant spider web that keeps them immobilized on the floor.
Hit the buffet and pour more wine.

Second-favorite party game: make a mummy!

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