Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where you would normally park your bike... there are trees.

Time for National Azabu Supermarket's annual Christmas tree sale! Or, shall I say, time to play, Let's see how much the foreigners will pay!

Guess how much that small Charlie Brown-size one in the middle there is going for. Go on, guess!

OK, I'll tell you: 18,000 yen. Yep, no lie. That's $215 folks, according to today's exchange rate.

But it's in a pot, so maybe when you take it home it will last for years to come. One can only hope.

The price tag on this crazy-perfect one reads 52,500 yen, or around $630. Oh yeah. It's big, and it's beautiful, and it's from Oregon (according to a lady who works at the store) but that's just nuts.

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