Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now there's a T.G.I. Friday's in Jingumae

Sometimes we just need to get back in touch with the homeland --
-- by going to a restaurant like TGIF and ordering off the dessert menu.

Say Hello to "Oreo Madness", double portion. It's overly sweet. It's messy. It's e-NOR-mous. The very antithesis of a Japanese dessert.

The place pulls no punches, really, with the red and white balloons, and a wait staff that wears suspenders with just the right amount of flair.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Fujimamas, which used to occupy this building just off Omotesando dori and close to Cat Street, but I must confess: I totally dig this over-the-top replacement. You know, in an ironic sorta way.

Who am I kidding-- this is comfort food! We're talking Cobb Salad the size of my head!

In any case, it's an easy way to get my boys on their bikes on a sunny Sunday afternoon, if they know this is their destination.

"Happy Birthday, dear (customer)...."

And the decor is nothing if not inspirational.

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