Thursday, May 12, 2011


The 'My Japan' exhibition ends Saturday!

It's a charitable fundraiser going on at Studio Lily, a lovely little photo gallery right in my neighborhood.

3-5-25 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
(it's down a sidestreet off Komzawa dori, not far from Roppongi dori or Niseki dori)

Time Out Tokyo wrote a little item about it this week and provides a map to help you find the place.

Read more about the project on the official website here, or on the My Japan Facebook page.

If you buy a mounted print of one of these fabulous photos, all proceeds go straight to JEN, an NGO working to help clean up some of the hardest hit areas up north. (According to the organization's blog, volunteers are concentrating efforts in Ishinomaki at the moment, removing sludge and clearing debris, among other arduous tasks.)

The "Top 50 Voted by You" album is also on Facebook. Click here to view.

I ordered this one, by E K Snowden
The image is also posted on the My Japan website, along with several others that didn't make the top 50 but are still well worth a look. Go to
(my pick, above, is on the Outdoor/Nature2 page)

As I said, lots of great stuff. Like this one by Alfie Goodrich, part of his Shibuya in the Snow series, posted here on

This shot is the star of the studio show.

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