Thursday, June 2, 2011

in Sendai

We're all checked in at the Chisun Hotel in Sendai. I am in a single room with bath and mini fridge and electric kettle so in the morning I will be able to drink the instant coffee that I brought from home. I am happy about this.

Got to know the members of my team during the 2-hr shinkansen trip up from Tokyo. A couple of them said they felt apprehensive, not about their personal safety, but about how much they will really get to do. There is concern that they won't do enough, that their contribution won't be meaningful.

We've each been given rubber work gloves and cotton liners, and face masks to keep us from breathing in dust, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe that won't be an issue. We're to report to the lobby at 6 am. We will go to Ishinomaki by bus- about an hour away. At 7:30 am we will join other Peace Boat volunteers for the morning exercises, and then, I presume, we'll get our assignments.

I should get to sleep but I am too keyed up.

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Sandra said...

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.