Monday, June 20, 2011

one of these things

is not like the other...

Who can tell me what these things are? (Hint: my boys collect them and use them whilst doing homework.)

OK, that was an easy one. Now tell me which one isn't one of those things.

Bonus points for the person who reveals the unique problem these things present for an American parent whose kids attend the British School.



Lin said...

rubbers v. erasers...oh yeah.

Mrs. Lear said...

Ben thinks the black square isn't an eraser, it is a DS cartridge.

Maryanne said...

Excellent guess, Ben. But the black square is in fact an eraser, and you wouldn't know it except to touch it, it is that authentic looking.. and it is my favorite one of all. The odd item is the little robot guy at about 10 o'clock. He can't erase a darn thing... Thanks for playing our game Ben and Lin!