Friday, March 30, 2012

waffle house

Avenue Cafe in Hiroo is a lovely little spot but a complete waste of money if you bring kids who don't eat salad or drink coffee or know a good Croque-monsieur when they see one.

My set lunch featuring the above "ham & cheese waffle" included salad, a small bowl of plain yogurt with berry topping and a hot drink, all for 1,200 yen. Not cheap but pretty standard for this town. And delicious. My boys, on the other hand, insisted on ordering plain waffles a la carte (900 yen each, with powdered sugar and side of whipped cream) followed by chocolate waffles (930 yen a la carte). Would've been better to get the waffles to go and eat them in the park. Takeaway prices range 250-290 yen.
Avenue Cafe is located at 5-15-20 Hiroo, Minato-ku, on Gaein-nishi dori next to Sunkus, and close to Bondi Cafe. Tel 050-3328-6043, somewhere between Hibiya metro station exits 1 and 3.

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