Sunday, November 23, 2008


On Friday we finally made it to this okonomiyaki restaurant in Jingumae that I've been meaning to try for very long time...We sat at the counter and ordered two different kinds, one with scallops and pork and another with shrimp and squid and some other seafood. With both you also get chopped cabbage and others veggies and it all gets mixed together in a savory pancake-like batter and grilled. Sauces are slathered on, it gets sectioned like a pie and served.

Here's part of our meal, at an early stage:

Our cook offered to take our picture. Who were we to refuse?
Here's our food again, a bit further along in the process but still a gloppy mess. When it's done it's flatter and much more attractive. And it tastes really really good, we swear.

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sjb said...

This is one of our favorite restaurants. Weird.