Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday in Yokohama

Last weekend we spent the day in the largest Chinatown in Japan, in Yokohama, just south of Tokyo. We had been invited out there by one of Terry's co-workers, and he brought his wife and two sons, ages 5 and 9. We had lunch at a Cantonese restaurant. The boys loved the elaborately carved table in the lobby..

Neither pair of boys spoke the other's language, but the kids managed to communicate well enough to trade Pokemon cards.
It was a bright sunny fall day, perfect for strolling and checking things out.

We made a brief stop at the Kuan Ti Miao temple, with its crazy-colorful gate -- a visual carnival compared to Tokyo's understated Shinto shrines (which I prefer, actually -- less is more).
The boys like to complain that temples are boring but give 'em a 100-yen coin and they are ready to light a candle and offer up a prayer.

I'm not a huge fan of the incense cloud, but it is what it is.On our way to the park, we passed this lady selling ice cream cones from a cart. Is that the old Comet cone packaging, with the freckle-faced blond kids, I see decorating her case? Somebody tell me where I've seen that before...Shortly before taking the water taxi back to the train stationFinal bonding moment: grabbing a late-afternoon snack at McD's

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