Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mister Minit repairs shoes while you wait.

One afternoon the boys and I went to the one on Meiji dori, about a half block up from the Bic camera (and the great glass elevator) on the corner across from Shibuya station, near Bunkyodo book store and Family Mart. It took about 10 minits for the guy to reglue the sole of Conor's school shoe, which had been flapping free, like an overheated dog's tongue, for who knows how long before I noticed (or did Conor finally mention it?). Anyway it only cost us 420 yen to fix. A few days later we returned to have a little stray nail removed from one of Terry's shoes. The pointy bit was sticking straight up, near the arch of his foot. (Ouch!) The guy snipped off the end with some big industrial clipper thing, handed it back and didn't charge us a thing.


You will see Mister Minits all over town, and in train stations too. Really handy.

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