Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Hallmark know?

Tomorrow is the first day of April. Hooray!

Here's a list of important days you may have missed in March, as reported in a recent issue of Metropolis:

Stewardess Day
March 5th
JAL posted the results of its first flight-attendant exam on this day in 1931. Of the 140 women who took the test, hoping to become an "air girl," only three passed.

Escalator Day
March 8th
This country's first escalator was installed in Ueno on this day in 1914. It moved at a speed of 1.08km/h (the current max is 2.196km/h).

Mannequin Memorial Day
March 24th
Takashimaya became Japan's first retailer to use a mannequin to display its products at a clothing expo in 1928. The word "mannequin" was seen as auspicious, because it combined mane (to beckon) and kin (money).

Moss Ball Day
March 29th
Marimo, a species of filamentous green algae, was included in the list of Japan's Natural Monuments on this day in 1952. These fuzzy green balls are known to form only in Japan, Estonia, Iceland and Scotland.

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