Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

There was a parade here on Sunday -- and we marched in it! (We have connections...). Luckily our friend Gabrielle let us borrow her Guinness pint hats from 2004.

As the parade looped around Omotesando dori (the posh shopping street in the Harajuku/Jingumae area) we had a great view of everybody else who was marching in it.

A strong showing by the Tokyo Irish Setter Club!

Check out the dude with the Irish wolfhounds

We walked with the folks from Enterprise Ireland (working to promote Irish businesses in Japan). Terry's friend Tristan hooked us up.

The Shamrock Ladies fell in behind us
...and so we bonded.

The sideline crowds were pretty thin, considering how big this city is. And calm. These onlookers were the most enthusiastic, with their frog hand puppets.

We ran into lots of school mates afterward

Our family's not Irish, per se, as in, from Ireland, though we do come from Irish stock. Terry's maternal great grandfather is allegedly from Connemara, near Galway. And my paternal great grandfather was from Dublin. Or at least that's where he hopped on a boat bound for America after selling his uncle's goat and deciding not to return to life on the farm. Also, Terry and I did spend our honeymoon in 1997 driving through the Irish countryside, stopping in Kilkenny and Cork and Dingle and seeing the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands and lots of points in between. Surely that counts.

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