Saturday, May 29, 2010

girls' nite out

Finally, a red-light district moment.

To celebrate a friend's birthday the other night, a bunch of us went to 13 Street, a club in Kabukicho.

Three words: male pole dancer.

The 40-min show at this "Mens Dance Show Restaurant" featured 7 or 8 of these performers -- all well-groomed, trim and toned, and, we assumed, gay -- kicking it on stage like they were on Madonna's Blond Ambition tour (the choreography! the costume changes!)

Did I mention the pole dancer?

I've never been to a male strip club even in the States and had assumed the guys would be taking it off, but it wasn't that kind of place. (A little disappointed, mainly relieved.) We did see one nipple (thanks to a loosened kimono) and one bare butt (robe dropped to the floor, lights out, and, Scene!). Oh wait, three nipples if you count the pole dancer, who wasn't wearing a shirt. He was quite something. A real gymnast.

Our group sat in the front row, side by side on a red leather banquette, a foot or two from the stage, and before the show some of the dancers came over to chat us up while a waitress served us drinks and lovely plates of chicken, rice and salad.

Then the music went up, the lights went down and we Western women started clapping and cheering (as you do in these situations) until somebody noticed the other patrons were just sitting quietly sipping their drinks. Were we in bad form? Probably. Typical gaijin. But we carried on, and at the end, the guys feted our birthday girl on stage, so there you go.

Love microphone guy's sandals and leggings.

13 Street is at 1-12-9 Shinjuku, 4th Floor. Apparently "Love Wagon" is right upstairs...

Wonder what the talent is in this Pub...

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