Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is Life?

Even though I can't read the aisle cards, or any labels on any of the products, and have to rely on my power of sight (what looks like sliced ham is sliced ham, what looks like chicken legs are chicken legs, etc.) and memories of past purchases, I love, love LIFE supermarket on Meiji-dori. It's between Shibuya and Ebisu in the Higashi area (walking with Shibuya station behind you, cross Namiki bashi (if you turned right you'd head into Daikanyama) and it's a bit farther on your left; the sign is a big golden four-leaf clover on a red background, which you can't miss).
I come here for the unbeatable (as far as I know) price on the boys' favorite cereal (a shameful "choco" version of Cheerios that I bought the first week we moved here because I was worried they were traumatized and wanted to cheer them up with something I never ever would've allowed them to have before -- and now it's breakfast 4 out of 7 mornings a week).

I also come for the wasabi flavored rice crackers. Still haven't been able to find the amazing yuzu version of same..
miso paste


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