Thursday, May 20, 2010

new hangout

Hiroshi, originally uploaded by STREAMER COFFEE.

Meet Hiroshi. He's friendlier than he looks in this photo. He's a barista at the new Streamer Coffee Company at 1-20-28 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku. The place, conveniently located near school, has a nice, spare, airy feel to it. It ain't cheap: a large double-shot latte (including "extreme latte art," according to the menu) is 520 yen. Still, it's way better than any Starbucks'.

Plus, the place has free Wi-Fi. And power outlets!

This is something the other two free-Internet-with-purchase cafes I know in the area -- Wired, in the Q Front/Tsutaya building at Shibuya crossing and sister joint Wired Cafe 360, in the KDDI building on Meiji dori in Harajuku -- don't have. Not that I usually carry my computer around with me, but it's nice to know there's the option.


Sandra said...

That's a great find! I'll have to check it out - I do carry my computer around with me sometimes. :-)

Maryanne said...

Sandra, let me know if/when you're going. Would love to meet you...