Friday, May 7, 2010

I dunno...Palpatine?

Shibuya station platform, JR Yamanote line
Shibuya Crossing, May 5, 2010

So why is Darth Vader suddenly leering from the side of every building in town? As explains, Docomo has launched an interactive web campaign to promote some new product or service featuring the Dark Lord of the Sith:

"Go to a special website, enter your name into a text box (in hiragana, or katakana in the case of non-Japanese users) after which you'll see a video of Darth Vader stalking the streets of Tokyo, only to stop in the middle of Shibuya crossing and dramatically look at your name displayed on the area's iconic giant video screen. Wait a few moments more and you'll be presented with a surprisingly effective, scary close-up of Vader, who then says (in Japanese), "[Insert your name here], you are not my boss!" Although it's not clear whether Vader's "boss" will be a new mobile phone or data service, we'll all find out in just two weeks (May 10?) who Vader's real boss is supposed to be. If you ever wanted Vader to say your name (albeit in Japanese) you can give it a try here."

More of the Dark Lord outside Shibuya station, Meiji dori side, on a rainy Tuesday, May 11
I love that clear umbrellas are so prevalent here

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