Wednesday, February 20, 2008

can't I get a keitai?

This SoftBank store, which is on the way to the Shibuya station bus stop, has dozens of sample phones on a display stand outside, in every conceivable color: metallic lime green, metallic ruby red, Pepto-Bismol pink, yellow, turquoise, white, etc. The boys like to flip them open, pretend to call each other, and then ask me why they don't have their own cell phones. Some of the more expensive handsets have screens that slide open and rotate 90 degrees for watching TV.
T and I both have the Nokia N73, which packs a 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens, makes video calls, and does a lot of other things I will probably never bother with (like Web browsing). Though I just read on the Nokia website that it will upload photos straight to Flickr! Must figure out how to do that...

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