Sunday, December 28, 2008

happy anniversary to us!

Today we hit the one-year mark. It was Dec. 28, 2007 when we first arrived in Tokyo with the kids to start our new life. We didn't do anything remarkable to celebrate today (mainly because I just realized it now, and the kids are already asleep and Terry is playing an Xbox game...). We just had a lazy Sunday morning followed by an outing to the Children's Castle where the boys jumped around in the rooftop ball pit while I read a book and Terry did the crossword puzzle. Then we watched Kung Fu Panda, which, I have to say, I totally loved. The DVD was a Christmas present from the folks at home. Thanks, Murrays!

(the boys on Christmas morning)

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SutonC said...

Oh my! I can not stop laughing at that EXCELLENT photo...should be an ad for the movie!!!
love to you all, I'll try to write or something soon...not enough minutes in the hour...