Sunday, December 14, 2008

pretty leaves and rugby

A few weeks ago Terry played rugby with the Tokyo Crusaders, against YCAC (Yokohama Country & Athletic Club). They lost by one try ("Grrr..") but it was nice to get out of the city and see some of the autumn leaves. The game was in Hodogaya, on a lovely field with bleacher seats, part of a larger outdoor sports complex, with a separate baseball stadium and lawn tennis courts.

That's T on the left, in black and green, standing, as he was playing 8-man, which I think means he watches the ball during the scrum and calls out to his teammates when it's back in play. Only I think the ref just called a foul here...
Here T is clutching the lower leg of the guy with the ball, trying to prevent him from crossing the try line, which he managed to do, but only after he had already been tackled, and you can't hit the ground, maintain possession and get up again and score, which is what this guy did, only the ref didn't call it, so it counted as a try. (So not right.)
Don't know what's happening here, I just like the shot. Terry's running in from the left (nice legs!) and the ball is in midair, and that guy in the middle, blue jersey and bent at the waist, is about to slam into those other guys.
Post game, walking to catch the bus that will take us to the station where we will catch the train back to Tokyo...

I am all dressed up because I am due for tea at the Hilton hotel. Seriously, it was a friend's sayonara party, and I was going straight from the game. I don't normally wear a skirt to the pitch!

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XUE said...

We live in Tokyo, the kids attend the German school in Yokohama & we're members at YCAC !