Friday, December 26, 2008

round-offs and other moves

Today parents were allowed to stay and watch the gymnastics. Poor Dylan was up at 4 am throwing up all over the bathroom floor (we're hoping he aims better next time) so he basically napped on the sidelines while I watched Conor show his stuff, including a round-off dismount off a (small, very low) balance beam -- unassisted! Of course I left the new Flip MiniHD camcorder, a Christmas gift from my mom and dad (thanks guys!) at home so all I have are dark, blurry images shot with my iPhone.

In other gymnastics news: I watched Conor do a handstand against the wall, and a tripod headstand on the mat. And a forward roll on the trampoline. And a straddle jump off the mini-tramp.

This 'I can.' program was the best thing for them this week. Too bad they both missed days due to illness. At least the stomach bug is making the rounds in our house now, as opposed to next week when Terry and I will be busy preparing for our first annual Tokyo New Year's bash! The disco ball is already installed in the living room ceiling...

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