Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The cool thing about Dec. 25 not being a holiday here is that, with business going on as usual, the postman was able to deliver to our door one last Christmas package. It was from Terry's mom, and it contained, among other things, an enormous spicy Italian salami, from the famous Volpi shop in St. Louis, Miz-er-ah. Grazie, Nonna! Time to mangia!


7 more holiday cards turned up in our mailbox this afternoon! Thanks everybody! (Our mass mailing should be landing stateside sometime next week...)

After spending the morning ripping presents open and emptying "stockings" (Conor's soccer socks) of Pokemon cards, Pokemon pencils and little blocks of modeling clay, the boys did go to their 4th day of gymnastics camp.
When I picked them up at 3pm, Conor reported that he learned how to do a 'round-off' on the balance beam (with assistance, I am going to assume) and Dylan announced he can now do 'tuck straddle pike twist' on the trampoline. Now they are watching Kung Fu Panda (thanks Aunt Sarah!) and later they will most likely resume building a giant AT-TE out of Legos (thanks Papa Jack!)

And thanks to everybody else who sent us holiday gifts and greetings. Mazel tov.

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