Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shibuya street fashion

I am officially stalking people now. When I'm out and about and see someone wearing something interesting, I move closer, pull my iphone out of my pocket and follow behind for a long as I can (before feeling completely ridiculous), tap the little camera icon and hope I get something, anything, in focus...

The other day I spotted this dude while crossing the big intersection outside Shibuya station. Lucky for me he stopped on the other side for a smoke.
Second-favorite dude outfit of that day goes to guy with the backpack spotted a couple blocks later:
Third one's a charm, in polka-dotted fleece and, um, denim leiderhosen?
Later that day: hightops with high heels
Walking the boys back from school: funky print tights and leopard Uggs More tights. First, a pattern on Aoyama-dori In jean shorts and tall boots, across from Tower Record, ShibuyaWith green patent-leather wedges with ankle strap, Shibuya station
Smart trench and suede elf boots, corner of Meiji-dori and Aoyama-dori

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Mrs. Lear said...

You are the Tokyo Sartorialist!