Saturday, March 21, 2009

break time?

Saw this posted inside one of the ladies' room stalls at the place where the kids go swimming:

If I am reading this right, when you press that button by the tiny speaker in the wall, those on the outside within earshot will think you've just flushed the toilet, when in fact, you have not.

So let me get this straight: when all you want is some private time to read a book or something, this feature lets you fake it and conserve water?

Don't get me wrong, I can totally relate to the need to hide out in the bathroom to get away from people. I do it in my own apartment, or at least I used to do it, when the kids were smaller and Terry was home. I'd pretend I was having trouble getting my contact lenses in, or something, and just sit there with the door locked reading Vanity Fair...

But this isn't about me and my approach to post-partum self-preservation. Do ladies here sit inside stalls and read and just pretend they are peeing?

(March 28) P.S.: My friend Jessica just emailed to tell me that the real purpose of this water sound is "to cover the noise associated with any, um, emissions in the course of going to the bathroom." She's right, of course. I was definitely over-thinking it. It all makes sense now. Better to depict a woman fully-clothed putting the button to use, rather than someone with her skirt up or trousers down around her ankles...

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Christine Wilson said...

I think this is great!