Friday, March 13, 2009

silly purchase of the week

my new "exercise shoes"
The packaging is all in Japanese, but I discerned from the various graphics and diagrams printed on both sides that the cushion/arch support forces you to work both your front and back calf muscles as you putter around the house. The one bit of English printed on the box reads, "Let's work out a slackless and moderately tight-muscled nice body!!" (their double exclamation point). By all means, let's.


sjb said...

Love this! Where did you find?

Maryanne said...

Got it at the Daimaru Peacock in Ebisu, upstairs in the housewares department. I also bought a camisole top there. Label reads "Flaty" (can't decide which is worse, that or the Patagonia "tiny bra")