Thursday, March 12, 2009


The boys, skiing the long and windy beginners' trail at Hakuba 47 last weekend.

Bought Terry this ski jacket at Lafuma the other day and was reminded yet again of how an average size American is considered gargantuan here in Japan. The tag spells it out: U.S. size: MEDIUM. European size: LARGE. Japanese size: X-LARGE.

For the boys' ninja costumes (a popular choice for Japanese Day at school - more about that later) I went to Muji and bought black turtlenecks and black leggings in a women's size small. It was a near-perfect fit.
At assembly. Conor is the one holding his hand to his face.
With his buddies Edmund and Joe, outside the classroom

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sjb said...

Hey there, enjoying your blog! As a fellow Brooklyn journo in Tokyo, had to say hello.
It looks like I came here around the same time as you guys, and was also at Hakuba 47 last weekend. Wanted to go to the Sapporo snow festival but didn't make arrangements in time.
Hmm, looks like I visited Dr. Fish shortly after you, too.
Anyway, hello.