Friday, March 13, 2009

lost and found

I have heard many stories about people leaving important things on buses and trains here and recovering them later. Ladies will often plunk their expensive designer handbags onto cafe chairs before queuing for coffee.

Being from New York City, it's hard to comprehend how people can leave bicycles unchained outside busy shops. Today I got my first real taste of the whole nobody steals thing. As I was leaving for the grocery store this afternoon, I couldn't find my scooter. It's just an old Razor, like the kids' but big enough for an adult). I looked and looked, gave up, then set out on foot, and then, just outside Freshness Burger, there it was, exactly where I had left it leaning nearly three days ago as I was grabbing the kids a quick dinner after swimming. I know, feeding them fast food burgers and chicken nuggets and fries. Bad mother! But what a country...

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