Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hmm... what WOULD Jesus do?

Last Sunday Dylan made this yellow cross in Sunday school, decorating it with the stick-on initials WWJD along the vertical axis. After class, as it was such a nice day, we went to the playground behind the church. There Dylan used his cross as a pretend gun while chasing his brother around. Discuss...

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Lin said...

Conflicted boy!

My friend Betsy's daughter, Mercedes, made herself a bracelet. I remember the year...1997. It was the year I first met Betsy and Mercedes, her eldest daughter, was 10 years old. I asked her what the letters on her bracelet meant: W W J S D?

She said, "What Would Jerry Seinfeld Do?" She thought that one up. She was 10. To this day she makes me laugh...a lot.