Friday, March 20, 2009


I've been terribly homesick lately, and whenever I find myself slipping into a funk I like to take myself out for a day on the town while the kids are in school. So on Wednesday after dropping the boys off, I went to breakfast at Andersen's on Aoyama dori, for an extraordinarily large bowl of "Berry + Yogurt" (big by any standards, not just the tiny serving sizes favored here) plus coffee and all-you-can-eat bread (sesame!) and butter. It was luxurious and beautiful.

I had to scoot (Razor-style) for miles afterward to burn off the calories: down to the end of Omotesando-dori and into Minami-Aoyama, through Aoyama Cemetery and past Tokyo Midtown, across Roppongi-dori and down Imoarai-zaka to TV Asahi building at Roppongi Hills and finally to Azabu-Juban, and into Nissin where I did some grocery shopping (delivery after 5pm please!).

Next I called my friend Brenda who lives in Moto-Azabu and we went to lunch in Ropp Hills, at Yasaiya Mei "vegetable house" (5th floor, West Walk side). Then it was back to Shibuya and to the cinema on the 6th floor of the Bunkamura department store to see Doubt (great movie). With a half hour yet to go before pick-up, we hit the lobby cafe for coffee and cake.

Berries and sunshine, Meryl Streep and cake...Now that is how you cheer yourself up.

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