Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuesday morning at the movies

I took myself to see Sweeney Todd while the kids were in school one day last week, to a 10:15 am show, the first matinee of the day. I went to a small theater in Shibuya, close to the kids' school, on the 8th Floor of a building that also houses Sharper Image, Vice Versa (funky housewares) and several clothing stores including "Little New York" and "Tomorrowland." There were only about a half dozen other people in the theater at that time, including these two ladies...
Here's the view from just outside the theater entrance, in front of the popcorn counter. You can see Tower Record across the way, and the JR train, headed for Harajuku. That ball field is part of Miyashita Park, and it's where BST's after-school football club goes to play. I tried to get C and D to do football but they balked. I'm going to try again in April, after the mid-term break.
Great movie, by the way. (Johnny Depp can sing!) Lucky for me it was in English with Japanese subtitles (they don't typically dub movies here).

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