Monday, January 28, 2008

David lives up the road

After dinner tonight I realized I didn't have any bread to make sandwiches for the boys' lunches tomorrow, so we went for a little walk up the street, to this little bodega ('fraid I haven't learned the Japanese term yet) that I've been wanting to check out. We opened the sliding door and walked into a tiny space with narrow shelves jammed with cookies, crackers, instant noodle bowls, bottles of soda and green tea, paper towels and cleaning products, but alas, no bread.
We bought some Pocky, then moved on to the small produce market next door for apples and strawberries. I did my best mime of slicing a loaf of bread and sputtered, "Doko...?" (Where..?) to the man who sold me the fruit, and he grinned, pointed north and said, "7 Eleven." Five minutes later we had bread.

On our way home we passed an otherwise unremarkable low-rise office building with a bronze replica of Michelangelo's David standing in an alcove out front. Seriously, it's right next to the sidewalk, and I think it's the same size as the real thing. The boys couldn't stop staring at his...kneecaps.

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