Friday, January 25, 2008

school assembly

At a school assembly today, C's class, the Year Two Blackberries, presented a report about what they have been learning this term about Tokyo and Japanese culture. Each child took turns speaking. They talked about how the buildings here are "squished together" because there is a big population and everybody needs a place to live and work. They talked about their recent field trip to the Tokyo Tower. It was very orderly and impressive. The other primary school classes filed into the gymnasium and sat down on the floor in tight rows while the teachers sat on folding chairs to the side, parents on chairs in the back. In front of us was a sea of navy blue and charcoal gray (uniform colors) and I couldn't believe how long these kids, ages 3-8, were able to sit still and pay attention. Nobody had to shush them! I filmed most of it with my digital camcorder and will try to edit the footage and post something online soon. Stay tuned, it will be worth a look...C delivered his lines perfectly and with enthusiasm and not a hint of shyness. At one point the kids took turns calling out words that make them think of Japan, like sushi, chopsticks, green tea, etc. What did C shout? SAMURAI!

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Lin said...

I am enjoying your blog so much! It has inspired me to start writing in mine. Tonight I wrote my first draft.

It sounds like the boys have settled into their new school just fine. I'm impressed!