Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's holiday almost over

It's Jan. 3, the third and final day of the New Year's holiday stretch, and our neighborhood is creaking to life. "Freshness Burger" is still closed but the restaurants in the nearby Ebisu Prime Square office complex/commercial plaza were open today, including "Sharks Fins Chinese Restaurant" (shark's fins, 12 different ways! get 'em sashimi-style, grilled, chopped up and mixed in fried rice, etc...) and the Dexee Diner, where I ordered the Korean chicken salad, T had the spaghetti with sardines and eggplant and the boys had pizza, which was gourmet-style with fresh basil we had to pick off (it's just green for goodness sakes, it's not poisonous!). Dexee's slogan ("Book Providing") is, as far as we can tell, a nod to its lounge area, where couches surround a large bookcase stocked with back issues of Japanese Vogue and Japanese Esquire and some other glossies. The place plays techno-pop (think Madonna, Ray of Light..or does this reference reveal too much? I admit I am hopelessly unhip) and has a bar. We'll have to get a babysitter and check out the scene after dark.

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